About Gas Division


Leeden National Oxygen Ltd (Leeden NOX) is a subsidiary of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation. Since its commercial operation in 1964 and the further development of its gas business arm in 1984, Leeden NOX had grown its strength to be the leading supplier for industrial & specialty gases in Singapore.

As the leading industrial & specialty gas supplier in the region, Leeden NOX will not only strive to maintain its position, but will continue to embark on programmes of expansion to strengthen and complement its main business for future growth.

With sophisticated gas production facilities worth hundreds of millions in assets, Leeden NOX will unceasingly offer its services to span across to virtually all its customers & sectors of the industry such as Electronics, Engineering, Petroleum, Chemicals, Marine, Aerospace, Hospital, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Semiconductors and Metallurgical.

Leeden NOX is able to draw upon the technological expertise from its parent company to serve the needs of the industrial sector. For customers who require technical advice, our group of experienced engineers are always readily available.

We provide an extensive line of products ranging from cylinders to bulk liquids. We are confident that we are able to meet your gas requirement needs whatever they may be.


Overseas Subsidiaries


Leeden Gases Sdn Bhd
Leeden Hercules Sdn Bhd
Mega Mount Industrial Gases Sdn Bhd
Sabah Oxygen Sdn Bhd


PT National Industrial Gases Indonesia